3 Reasons Why you Should use a Freelance Graphic Designer


When you choose to work with a Freelance Graphic Designer you are in direct contact with the person who is working on your designs. That keeps YOU in control of the job, not a middle-man. You know what they say about too many cooks spoiling the broth!

Shaun Martin is full of creative ideas and creates fantastic designs, but he also understands that no one knows your business or clients better than YOU. The result is a concept and design that not only looks great, but works with returns!


Why pay for a whole team when you can directly hire a competent Freelancer?

Shaun is a Senior Level Designer with over 16 years industry experience, however as a freelancer he can keep his prices much more competitive than large agencies or even small studios.


By hiring a freelancer who has both print and digital skills you can ensure your branding remains to specification across various print and digital applications.

As an 'all-rounder' Shaun has both print, and web design skills. He can be your 'one stop shop' keeping your branding beautifully consistent across the board.

So, why not go the Freelancer route?
You will be glad you did.

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Shaun Martin

Freelance Graphic Designer

Bachelor of Graphic Design - Latrobe
16+ Years Industry Experience